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FinalQuality Rescue System V1.0 is a bootable rescue system, with powerful
enhancements never seen before in known rescue systems. It aims to help
you in various scenarios like a system failure, data loss,virus infections
or even the immediate need to a separated live system,
since all it's tools are bootable and ready to use.
  •  Main key features of FinalQuality Rescue System V1.0
Efficiency : A total of 11 superior tools chosen carefully, each with
it's latest version, covering a vast rang from serious system
disasters to live systems.

Speed : The filesystem of the CD is optimized to work
at best performance, resulting in even faster loading
times than the original CD of every product.

Ease of Use : The system features category view along
with outstanding design, making it easy for
inexperienced users to use the system.

FinalQuality Rescue System V1.0 is divided into three categories:
Hard Disk Management, Security and Live Systems Lets check out...


==Hard Disk Management==
  • Paragon Partition Manager™ 10
Paragon Software’s advanced partitioning tools help you completely control and manage 
your hard disks. With growing hard drive capacity, the need to reasonably split up the 
space is more important than ever. This easy-to-use partitioning tool is ideal for 
re-structuring your hard disk for optimal and effective data storage.
  • Acronis® True Image Home 2010
This cutting-edge backup software allows you to make a backup of your PC with the OS 
and apps. The brand-new Acronis True Image Home 2010 is the solution you've been 
waiting for. In case of a system crash you’ll be able to restore your hard disk and 
particular files in minutes. Your docs, music, photos, Outlook e-mails just all 
your data and configurations will be recovered.
  • Acronis® Disk Director Suite 10
Acronis Disk Director is a disk management software utility to help you manage the hard 
drive, recover accidentally lost or deleted partitions, install and boot multiple operating 
systems on your computer.
  • Active@ Boot Disk DOS Edition 2.1
Active@ Boot Disk DOS Edition combines six powerful DOS tools that let
you recover your lost data, reset Windows passwords, make raw
disk image and securely erase data.

  • Ontrack Easyrecovery Professional 6.10 
Ontrack Easyrecovery Professional is a data recovery, file repair and disk diagnostics tool. 
It has RawRecovery Module and support for over 485 specific file signatures. 
  • HDD Regenerator 1.71
One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on the disk surface.
Bad sectors are a part of the disk surface, The HDD Regenerator can repair damaged 
hard disks without affecting or changing existing data. As a result,
previously unreadable and inaccessible information is restored.

  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2010
    Using Kaspersky rescue disk to remove viruses is a safe way without risking your computer 
    OS getting infected. Kaspersky Rescue Disk is able to remove viruses, trojans, worms 
    and other malicious software. Update capability is available via the web or from 
    stored update files. 
    • Avira AntiVir Rescue System 2010 
    Avira AntiVir Rescue System allows accessing computers that cannot be booted anymore.
    Thus it is possible to repair a damaged system, rescue data, scan the system for virus 
    infections. Update capability is available via the web.

    ==Live Systems==

    Note: Live Systems (also known as Live CDs) are a separated and fully functional operating systems, with the ability to run directly from the CD without the need for a Hard Disk.
    • Slax 6.1.2
    Slax is a modern, portable and fast operating system with a modular approach and sleek design. Slax provides a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use, 
    including a well organized graphical user interface and useful recovery 
    tools for system administrators.
    • xPUD 0.9.2
    Desktop has never been this easy. Power on, get online, start surfing or playing music 
    and movies, within seconds. Also you can extend the functionality by plugins, 
    the only limit is your imagination! 
    • SliTaz 2.0
    SliTaz is distributed as a LiveCD, and weighs less than 30MB. The system is quick and 
    responsive, clean and robust. SliTaz is simple and intuitive, providing a lightweight, 
    elegant desktop, detailed documentation and easy to use configuration tools. 

    .::USB Edition::

    FinalQuality Rescue System USB Edition is a simple & easy installer for XP -Not tested yet on Windows Seven- that makes you able to boot from your USB device or also any external hard disk. (by the way, no need to format your hard disk to boot from )
    The installer will guide you the instruction of use through the setup progress.
    Be Aware that the USB Edition doesn't contain: 
    The Security Section & Slax "Live System"
     FileSonic MegaUpload 


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